For a while now, I’ve been reading quite a few good blogs about Durham.  They do a great job.  They all, however, for whatever reason, tend to concentrate on downtown Durham.  While I think that’s great, I also think that southern Durham tends to get left out a bit.  For that reason, I decided to start my own blog.  I’m not going to try to keep up with other Durham blogs because really, what’s the point there.  I would, however, like to talk about things that those of who live in southern Durham deal with like the American Tobacco Trail bridge of I-40, Herndon Park, the upcoming move of the Parkwood Library and of course the ever expanding area around Southpoint mall.  I won’t claim to be complete or even correct, but I would like to at least provide a southern Durham perspective on things, or if you will, a Southern Kind of Life.  Wish me luck!