Saving Water

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Saving WaterMy son and I ate supper at Elmo’s Diner last night and I noticed they had an innovative way to politely let customers indicate that they’d like to help save water (see picture). I asked one of the managers about it and she said it was a good way for the servers to do their jobs while still giving people the opportunity to save at least a bit of water. I, personally, like it and would like to see other restaurants adopt it. It may not be enough, but every little bit helps.

Southwest Branch Library Expansion

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The Durham County Library is inviting the public to a meeting on Tuesday, January 8, 2008 at 7 p.m. at Southwest Branch Library, 3605 Shannon Rd about expansion plans for the Southwest Branch Library expansion.

The meeting will give the community an opportunity to hear about the expansion and renovation of Southwest Branch Library that will transform the facility into a full-service regional library.

Apparently the branch will be transformed into one of four “regional libraries” along with East Regional (opened June 2006), North Regional (opened January 2007) and South Regional (which is planned to replace the Parkwood Branch). I’d love to go to this meeting, but I’ll be in a First Aid/CPR certification class at the Red Cross that night. I’ll have to see if I can find more information about what happens at the meeting.

More information about the meeting can be found in their pdf flyer.

Local stores

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My wife and I try to shop locally whenever we can. When we moved into our current home five years ago we were looking for a local pharmacy when my wife spotted the Triangle Pharmacy on Hwy 54. When you’re a small store it can often be hard to get people to take a second look at you. Triangle Pharmacy/TrueValue, though, has hit upon something that is a very good way to get people to notice them. They put up small rhymes on their marquee. Whenever we go by, my wife and son always want to see if the sign has changed and what it says now. So, in the best tradition of Barry Ragin’s blog, I thought I’d post their latest marquee, taken this morning on my way to work:

Triangle Hardware Marquee 2008-01-02

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to everyone out there!  Of course, considering I just started this blog yesterday, there’s probably nobody reading (except maybe Mike who I showed the link to at the New Year’s party tonight).  Anyway, here’s hoping that this year will be better than the last, that our drought will end, and that progress on the ATT bridge over I-40 will actually happen.

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