This evening I was at the 1st dress rehearsal for the Durham Savoyards production of Yeoman of the Guard (at the Carolina Theater this Thu-Sun).  We have another dress rehearsal tomorrow night and I’m very glad we do.  The orchestra could definitely use another night to tighten things up and fix all the mistakes we made tonight.

Still, we did pretty good.  This was the first time I’ve seen any of the dialogue, and even though the only part of the stage I could see was the very front when people wandered up there, I did manage to get a good sense of how the story went.

So, please come out and see our show!  Thursday night is a preview night and all tickets are $10 with no reserved seating.  Then Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon, general admission is $15 and reserved seating is $25. Evening shows are at 8pm and Sunday afternoon is at 2pm.  This is your only chance to see Gilbert & Sullivan in the triangle until next year!