After a small mix-up Thursday night where I was late to the election ballot training, I managed to make it on Friday and am now trained as an election “emergency judge”.  Also, I got my assignment.  The republican judge in precinct 4 cannot work the election so I will be filling in for them working at the School of Science & Math.  Everyone please go vote!  It doesn’t matter who you support, just go vote.

It looks like over 7000 people have voted (early) so far (warning: pdf file).

From Valerie over at We Love Durham, tomorrow there is a Voting Exhibit created by Central Park 5th Grade Students and hosted by Kids Voting Durham.

And, finally, the Bull’s Eye lets us know that 17 year olds are allowed to vote in a primary in NC.  Mike Ashe, Durham BOE director made a point of this in our training.  Since a primary is simply picking who you’ll get to vote for and not an actual election, NC lets them vote if they’ll be 18 when the general election rolls around.  So, get out and vote!