Pollen Season

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When I came out to my car for lunch today I noticed that pollen season has started.  My windows were covered in yellow pollen.  Thankfully I’m not allergic but I have friends who are.  It’s nice to see it finally here, though, because that indicates that the cold weather is moving out and warmer times are ahead.  The weather this week looks a bit iffy, but hopefully the weekend will be better.  If it’s sunny on Saturday my son and I will probably head out to Herndon Park and try to use his new Astrocam 110 model rocket to get some pictures.  I’d post them right away but the rocket takes actual real film (and 110 at that!) and you can only get rolls of 24 so we’ll need to make quite a few flights before getting them developed.

DSO Guest Conductor

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At the Durham Symphony Orchestra rehearsal tonight we had our first guest conductor: Andrew McAfee.  He’s the former principal horn player for the North Carolina Symphony and is now apparently working on his Master’s degree in conducting.  Tonight was his first rehearsal with the Durham Symphony.  Beforehand he had sent out a schedule of what we were going to work on when and by and large he stuck to it.  Since this was our first rehearsal for our upcoming pops concerts, tonight was mainly about site reading the pieces and making notes on what to work on before the next rehearsal next week.  All in all, I think he did a pretty good job and should do very well conducting our upcoming concerts.

Another interesting bit of information that was announced at the DSO rehearsal tonight was that we had apparently received 96 applications (with accompanying DVDs of their work) for the position of DSO conductor!  The search committee has now winnowed that down to 10 and will be looking to reduce it even further down to 4 and invite those top 4 to guest conduct during the next season.  I have no idea who the candidates are but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing who the search committee picks.

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