After picking up Big-B from school today and having supper at Elmo’s we stopped by the Parkwood library.  We’ve been meaning to go for a few days now and I didn’t remember if they stayed open late on Wednesdays but we figured we’d go by and see.  Luckily, they were open.  Their schedule says they are supposed to be open until 9pm but I found out that they’ve been having some trouble lately with the parking lot lights.  I haven’t checked all of this out, but it appears that the Church that was in the plaza, where people used to vote, went out of business a while back (hence why voting moved over to the Parkwood Fire Department).  Unfortunately, they own the entire complex and as a result, it seems they have not been paying the electricity bills.  Eventually the piper (or in this case the electric company) must be paid or else he stops providing his service, in this case electricity.  So, after the sun goes down, the parking lot is completely dark.  Because of that, the Parkwood library has been closing early at 8pm when the sun sets.  Now, this isn’t as big of a deal now, when the sun sets at almost 8:30pm, but what’s going to happen when it gets to the time of year when the sun sets at 5pm.  Will the library be closing at 4:30pm then?!?  I realize this is a fairly bad situation for everyone involved, but there’s got to be something that can be done.  I’d welcome any suggestions.