The Durham Board of Elections is once again seeking people to act as election officials, this time for the November 4 election.  From their recruiting ad:

“Join a team of committed community members who help maintain the integrity of the election process. This is a non-partisan sport.”

“Along with celebrity status, you will receive full training and compensation.”

“Registered voters and qualified high school students are eligible to serve.”

“Half-day shifts available.”

“Democracy Loves Help”

“Priceless Info Found 4 Ways…”
Call: 919-560-0690
Visit: 706 W. Corporation St.

Here’s the full PDF with all the information:

Durham Pollworker Recruiting Ad

Having worked as an election official in the 2006 election and then as an election judge in the 2008 primary and runoff I can definitely recommend it.  Last I heard they were expecting record crowds for this election so people are definitely needed.  So, if you are at all interested, give the Durham BOE a call or send them an e-mail and sign up today!