Reading the news, I see that Florida has extended it’s early voting hours from 8 hours/day to 12 hours/day.  While I think this is a good move for Democracy, I think everyone really needs to give a round of applause to the poll workers that are making this happen.  Previously, they were simply working 8 hours/day on the week days and 8 hours each weekend.  Now, the local boards of election in FL will be scrambling to fill an extra 4 hours each day and an extra 16 hours each weekend!  I’m sure that many of the Florida election officials will work longer and they should be commended for that.

Just what does this have to do with Durham, though?  Durham has election officials too and many of them right now are spending many hours staffing One Stop Early Voting sites.  Many more will spend upwards of 14 hours on election day making sure that the polls are open and that everyone gets to vote.  While they do get paid for this, it’s still a very long day.  However, without them, the election simply could not be held.  So, if you haven’t voted yet, when you do, please say thanks to the people working the polls.  And, if you really care about democracy, ask how you can sign up to help for the next election.