Overflowing Gas Pumps!

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I filled up my car’s gas tank this morning at the Circle K at Hwy 55 and Cornwallis Road. When I was taking my son to school they had the best gas price at $1.989/gallon but by the time I got there it had gone up to $1.999/gallon, matching the other two gas stations at that corner. While I was filling up, though, I had the pump automatically stop a couple of times at the highest pump level (when the tank was obviously not full) so I put the pump on the lowest pump level. My mistake was then to walk around the car to get my logbook. A UPS driver who was on the opposite side of the pump came out a few minutes ago and got my attention. It was a good thing too since the pump was overflowing out of my gas tank! It looked like I lost about a good 2-4 gallons on the ground!

So, if you’re pumping your gas, it’s probably not a good idea to leave the pump unattended.

Southpoint Mall Owner Declares Bankruptcy

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I see from the Independent this morning that the owner of Southpoint Mall has declared bankruptcy. It says their malls will continue to operate while they reorganize. I don’t really know, but it seems to me that SouthPoint seems to be doing ok. At the very least, it’s always hard to find a parking spot there. It looks like mall performance wasn’t what did the company in, but rather that they financed their growth using short term loans and were unable to roll over the debt into new loans. So, now, they’re looking to sell malls to pay off their debts. Here’s hoping that a buyer for SouthPoint can be found soon.

Blogger Bash at the DPAC Tonight

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So, apparently, there’s a blogger bash at the DPAC tonight (also see facebook event) organized by 30Threads. I almost forgot about it but thankfully remembered it yesterday! Maybe this event will be a good kickstart for me to get back to blogging. Anyway, if you’re there, please say hello.  I’ll be the guy from the picture on the right.

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