Verizon leaving Durham

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Durham, unfortuantely, has been somewhat at a disadvantage to the rest of the Triangle area with respect to DSL service. Verizon’s DSL service has always been fairly bad. Friends of mine that have worked at ISPs in the area have been universal in their dislike of Verizon’s DSL service.  Other areas of the triangle have been getting some competition to Time Warner Cable’s internet with the rollout of AT&T’s UVerse service which provides internet and cable over fiber optic lines.  I had hoped that Durham would get Verizon’s equivalent FiOS which is also a fiber to the home service.  However, it looks like Verizon has decided to pull the plug and sell all its customers in NC (and other states) to Frontier Communications. Whether this is good or bad for Durham remains to be seen, however a similar divestment in the north east has not gone very well. So, we’ll have to see how things go. I wish we could get something similar to Wilson’s Greenlight here in Durham as I think it would really differentiate us and encourage more people to consider moving to Durham, but I don’t hold out any hope that our elected leaders can be that forward thinking.

Week recap and upcoming Startup Weekend

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I finally got my car back yesterday morning and it’s running very well.  Thanks much to Wasp Automotive for the good work, even if it did take a bit longer than expected.  Unfortunately, because I had to return the rental car Wednesday morning, I was left Wednesday night with no car and no cable or Internet.  The cable technicians finally came out on Wednesday.  They were supposed to be there between 3 and 5pm.  They arrived at 6:15pm and promptly found that the line had problems and that I needed line maintenance to come out.  They said they’d try to be out that evening, but of course that didn’t happen.  Then, to top things off, just after the cable techs left, a storm blew through and my power went out.  So, there I was with no car, no cable, no internet, and no power.  I’m very thankful that we have a gas stove so I could cook my supper.

Anyway, I got the car back the next morning and then when I came home Thursday evening the cable and Internet were working.  My DVR box, though, seems to still have a few problems.  There are several channels that won’t tune at all, or tune but with a messed up picture.  I need to get through all the stuff saved on the box, though, before taking it in to get a new one.

This weekend, I’m going to be at the RTP Startup Weekend.  The goal there is to basically get a bunch of people together for one weekend and start a company together.  I went to the previous one about 8 months ago and had a good time, even though our company didn’t get past the weekend.  This weekend, I think, that we’ll actually be starting multiple companies, so we’ll see how that goes.  If you’re at all morbidly curious, they will apparently be streaming live video all weekend and you can see it here:

What constitutes the “Triangle”?

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A friend of mine mentioned a new online site to me called that is supposed to be “from and for the Triangle Community“. Curiously enough, though, their definition of the triangle apparently includes Wake, Orange and Johnston counties but Durham is nowhere to be seen. Now perhaps they’re just in beta and will get to Durham at some point, but it makes no sense to me to say something is from the “Triangle Community” when you don’t include one of the corners of the Triangle.

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