Wednesday night while my son and I were driving to dinner at Elmo’s Diner, I got a phone call from Whitney at the Durham County Board of Elections. I had volunteered as a polling place official for the 2006 election and had been meaning to call the board of elections to see about working this year’s elections. Well, they called me first. From what I understand, it looks like the primary on May 6, 2008 may have a fairly large turnout, especially if the Democratic presidential nomination process is still not decided. So, they’re recruiting election officials now. From personal experience I can say that working as an election official makes for a very long day. You get there at 6am and stay there until after 8pm. As someone, however, who thinks that voting is the bedrock of our democracy, I think it’s an outstanding service to the community and more people should volunteer for it. If you’re interested, see the BOE web page about it and give Whitney a call at (919) 560-0690 to volunteer today.