I’m still writing up my experience as an election judge on Tuesday. I hope to have that done and up by later today. In the meantime, however, I just got an e-mail today from the National Weather Service about the fact that our current weather patterns are looking suspiciously like the weather patterns 2 years ago before Mother’s day. If you recall, the NWS issued 65 warnings that one day, had nearly 100 reports of severe weather including hail up to 2 inches in diameter, 1 F1 tornado, 3 F0 tornados and straight line wind damage. It wasn’t a really good day weather-wise. So, it seems that our local NWS is trying to learn from the past and is concerned that things are heading that way again. With Mother’s day celebrations and graduation at local universities, this could be problematic. So, they’re trying to get the word out for people to be on the lookout. The presentation they’re sending out is here.

If you’re interested in severe weather, you might want to look into joining Skywarn. Our local skywarn program trains people to recognize severe weather and report it. Why do we need this when we have radar, you might ask? Well, radar signals are well and good, but they travel in straight lines and the earth is curved. So, radar can’t tell you what is actually happening on the ground and that is where skywarn comes in. Skywarn is very valuable to the NWS and can use all the trained spotters it can get.